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Board Officers

The Board Development Committee is currently accepting Officer nominations. 

The Board Development Committee will work to present a slate of officer candidates who demonstrate both willingness and ability to commit time, ideas, and expertise to further the Alumni Association’s mission and the Board of Director’s strategic initiatives.  Equally important, the Board Development Committee will seek to identify candidates who display strong aptitude for leading others by engendering a positive sense of trust, respect and collaboration between their board colleagues, University and campus representatives, and alumni constituents. 
Newly elected Officers serve a two-year term beginning July 1, 2017.  More information on officer roles and responsibilities is available below.   


President Elect
  • Serve as volunteer liaison to alumni and other campus community members
  • Serve as Vice-Chair of Board of Directors and Executive Committee; assist with oversight of associated responsibilities; preside over all Board and Executive Committee meetings in absence of President
  • Serve as Chair of Nominating Committee; provide oversight of associated committee responsibilities
  • Assist in development of strategic Board initiatives, goals and measurable outcomes
  • Manage special projects or other initiatives as charged by President, Executive Committee or Board
  • Serve as volunteer liaison to Chancellor’s Office and President’s Office in absence of President
  • Represent AA at select university and alumni events
  • Participate on select university committees as required
 Vice President – Leadership Development
  • Serve as volunteer liaison to Directors, Network leaders and other volunteer community members
  • Serve as Chair of Volunteer Development Committee; provide oversight of associated committee responsibilities
  • Engage Directors and other volunteers in supporting ongoing volunteer recruitment  initiatives
  • Identify and cultivate future leaders and help facilitate associated development opportunities
Vice President – Governance
  • Serve as volunteer clerk of corporation (MA resident preferred)
  • Serve as member of Audit Committee and Chair of governance-related task forces; provide oversight of associated committee responsibilities
  • Ensure corporate, Director and volunteer compliance with regulatory requirements, governance considerations and Board policies
  • Recommend and propose amendments to corporate bylaws, standing rules and policies as appropriate
  • Serve as volunteer financial officer and signatory for corporation
  • Serve as Chair of Finance & Investment Committee; provide oversight of associated committee responsibilities
  • Engage Directors in fiduciary review of corporate financial statements and operating budgets